A new turn

Alexandre Plennevaux
1 min readSep 1, 2017

Version 43 of my life is currently undergoing a few re-alignments :

  • In two weeks, I will be through with the colour blindness accessibility research. I have thus resigned at HEAJ, after 8 intense years which left me with a lot of experience in teaching, trial-and-erroring and team coordination. #byebye_security
  • I’ve joined a young Social startup BeCode where teaching is more about the students, providing them with the best conditions in which they can learn coding fast. #hello_becode #einstein_style
  • after eighteen years, my wife and I ended our relationship. #single_dad_style

I feel like I’ve been carrying the world on my shoulders for months now. Boy is it heavy.

Setting up or coping for these changes takes a lot of energy. What I hope with these changes is that version 44 has an improved ratio of signal versus noise.

Not making any promises here, just hoping.



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